page title icon BALORAY Lunch Bag Review — Insulated Lunch Bag for Women

You asked for it, and now you can get it. With our BALORAY lunch bag review, you don’t have to worry about getting other bags as this lunch bag provides you admirable features such as waterproof and insulated designed.

A lunch bag that can be used by kids and adults in keeping food warm/cool for a long period of time. In order to get the tangible information on this review, all you’ve to do is to thoroughly read through.

With the BALORAY lunch bag which is super convenient for use. Not only that, this bag is spacious enough to keep your lunch secure for long. The bag is easy to clean as its design is 100% polyester. And what about the interior? The interior is well covered with a liner which is not toxic but it keeps your food cold/warm for long.

In fact, the bag is usable by anyone at any temperature. It has side pockets where napkins, condiments, and petty materials can be hidden.

The versatile bag can be used as a picnic bag, sundry bag, lunch bag and shopping bag. It’s just awesome to complement any occasion, cloth, and environment as it has stylish striped designs.

And the handle at the top of the bag is just awesome for any individual to carry from one place to another. As the handle is long to fit hands and friendly as its stitches are well nice enough to last you for a long period.

The article has a lot of details to enumerate, and we hope the enumerating of the features will convey the information more efficiently. Here are our five amazing features

BALORAY Lunch Bag Review | 5 Major Features

1. Ample-Space-Design

BALORAY Lunch Bag Review

For friends that need a lunch bag that’s mainly for stacking food containers, snacks, and petty extras, then this bag is recommendable. The bag has the main compartment that can contain two food containers (one large size and one medium size), two bottles (16-ounces) and snacks.

This lunch bag doesn’t have large spaces, but it’s fit for carrying your lunch only. Right at the front and the back of the lunch bag, there are pockets with spaces where napkins, handkerchief, phone and petite gadgets. In fact, the handle is nicely constructed as it can perfectly enter the phalanges, as this makes it sturdy.

In other words, users can grip the handle firmly and this would help the contents sturdy. But this is not good for those that love positioning bag on the wrist of their arms.

2. Insulation-Lined Bag

Of course, when one talks about an insulated bag, what comes to mind is its insulation capacity, right? Yes. The bag is lined on the inside to keep your food warm/cold for long. The inside is made of soft cotton that’s padded and covered with a liner.

The interior of this bag is well stitched as it has a good amount of thermal resistivity. But in considering the percentage of the insulation, we’ll rate it 59.84%. As to the fact that it doesn’t keep the temperature for long. The lining of the bag is mainly polyester, and the bag is 100% BPA free also.

We can tell assuredly that the polyester used in the making of the bag keeps odor off the outside very well as the cotton absorbs it perfectly.

BALORAY Lunch Bag Review

3. Versatile

This lunch bag is highly fashionable as it can be used as a sundry bag, lunch bag, hiking bag, picnic and shopping bag. Although this brown white strip is not large, yet it has fashionable structure. The bag is black with straps in horizontal shape. The handle is brown in shape and it’s weaved with a reliable shape.

The bag is durable that using it for different purposes is awesome. The bag has a 2-way zipper at the top of the bag and no zipper at the pockets which are by the sides. The bag can be used comfortably for numerous purposes, it’s just great for daily use.

4. Specification

If you’re one who needs a large bag, then the BALORY has got the answer for you by providing you with options. The brown white strap is the cheapest and smallest among the numerous number of the lunch bag products. As there are others such as the black strips 3, the black + red white strips, the double black strips, the gray, the pink and the upgraded version.

In order to help your purchase, here are the dimensions of the lunchbox made by BALORAY.  The brown white strips have a dimension of 9.6 x 6.5 x 8.5 inches and weigh 5.6pounds. The black strips 3 has a dimension of 14.7 x 10.5 x 2.1 inches and weigh 9.6 pounds.

The black + red white strips, on the other hand, have a dimension of 12.5 x 9 x 2.6 inches. And the black + red white strips come in two bags of the same size. The double strips have a dimension of 9 x 10 x 6.2 inches and weigh 11pounds. While the gray, pink and the upgraded version have has the dimension and weigh 12.2×7.9×5.2 inch, 16 x 4 x 12 inches 1.3 pounds, 11.5x7x8.5 inches 10.5 pounds respectively.

5. Quality Designs

This lunch bag has a lightweight design, it has reliable features that can please anyone. And also, the bag can be used as a cooler and it’s insulated to keep the content’s temperature safe. In fact, with the bag, you can enjoy optimum luxury as it’s sumptuous in its design. It’s waterproof. It prevents the seeping of fluid from the bag. It’s reliable for long use.

Why Should You Use BALORAY Lunch Bag?

BALORAY Lunch Bag Review


In the modern world, what’s expected of every lunch bag is the ability to resist the dripping of water, why? Because this helps in the proper use of the bag. This bag is awesome as it prevents water from dripping.


The bag is cheap as it costs less than $13. And it has ample space that is great to keep you satisfied. In fact, the bag is so great that it also has ergonomic feature.


This lunchbox is lightweight as it can be carried from one place to another as its compartment is roomy. This makes it possible to be used by old and young ones. It’s weaved handle is strong to lift weighty loads.


The features of this bag are nice and they’re reliable for the daily use of the bag. And also, you can present it anywhere and to anyone.


The bag’s construction is alright. The zippers are durable and the polyester used in the construction of the bag is washable.


  • The lunch is easy to carry
  • The bag is cheap
  • Highly dependable
  • It has handle
  • The bag is lightweight
  • The bag is foldable
  • The bag uses 2-way zippers
  • It has a pocket at the front and the back of the bag


  • It’s not well insulated
  • No adjustable strap

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this come with some containers?

Answer: No, it comes as bag only.

  1. Can I use the machine to wash it?

Answer: Yes, you can, but it’s advisable to just hand wash it.

  1. Admin! Please help, I’ve used bags that have issues with stitches, how dependable are the stitches?

Answer: 98% dependable.

  1. Is there any mesh pocket on the side?

Answer: No, it has plain pockets

  1. Is this a cooler?

Answer: Yes, it is.

Final Verdict

This lunchbox is comfy to carry from one place to another, and the designs are unique that they last longer. The BALORAY lunch bag review has helped potential buyers to choose the lunch bag that will serve them best.

In fact, it gave options by providing products with larger size and other designs that customers may like. However, the bag is still recommendable. As the brown white strips are versatile in use and it’s fashionable with its sumptuous outstanding looks.