Top 5 Best Ice Packs for Lunches – Keep Your Lunch Box Cool

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If you are looking for the best ice packs that can provide maximum ice retention, it goes to say you should invest in one or maybe several that are considered the best in the bunch. Now, that’s easier said than done since you have plenty of choose from especially online.

Therefore, to buy the best ice packs for lunches you will need more than a little knowledge of ice packs. For instance, do you know that some ice packs don’t work that well when used in certain types of lunch boxes or coolers?

If you’re an ice pack nerd you might know about it. But if you’re not, you have to refresh your ice pack know-how a little bit. To achieve maximum retention of the ice, you’re going to need to know a bit about the lunch box like its size and materials.

When you know them, then you can get your pick from these top 5 best ice packs for lunches. Read below to find out more about the best ice packs Amazon has to offer. This article gives you an overview of what makes these ice packs the best.

88 Ice SheetsFlexiFreeze Ice Sheet

The FlexiFreeze Ice Sheet is an incredible choice for an ice pack in terms of flexibility. It features several chemical-free ice sheets, which are instead water-based. This way, you can cut the sheets to fit in the size you need.

As mentioned before, it’s great in terms of flexibility for it offers a variety of ways to use. The pack includes three sheets. You can use one and keep it in whole to use for your freezer. You can also cut the others in any size so you can use it in your lunch boxes or small coolers.

Another amazing feature of this ice sheet is that even when frozen, it is incredibly flexible. You can mold and move them any way you need them to. It makes FlexiFreeze Ice Sheet one of the best ice packs for lunches, coolers, and other containers.


  • Handy to use
  • Huge ice sheets easily cut into any size
  • Multiple uses


  • Not for lasting use

Cool Pack, Slim & Reusable Ice Pack

Reusable Ice PacksThe Cool Pack Slim & Reusable Ice Pack is popular for its slim, long-lasting, and lightweight features. Thanks to that, you can effectively keep your insulated lunch bag as cold as your freezer for a long time. In addition, this ice pack is super versatile as it is the perfect chiller for any container.

You can use it to keep your lunch bag, bento, or cooler cold for a long time. This also makes it ideal for use by kids in their lunch totes, for your lunch in the office, or when the family is camping. Many of its users note it effectively kept their food contents dry, cold, and safe.


  • Affordable
  • Convenient and handy
  • Slender to fit in any lunch box
  • Great price
  • Easy to use
  • Great size
  • Keeps contents cold


  • Not as longer lasting as expected

5 X Lunch Box Coolers by Magic Gel5 Ice Packs for Lunch Box

Magic Gel’s 5x Lunch Box Coolers is a small but durable lunch box ice pack perfect for school boxes, camping boxes, picnics, and more. A hard ice pack, it’s also slim and compact so it fits well inside kids’ bags.

Though small, it is tough and the gel-filled ice pack is effective in retaining coldness. It works well and better than the usual water-injected ice pack. Slim and easy to use, it can be used in multiple ways including as lunch bag ice packs for school, office, camping, hiking, or fishing trip.

Its users love it for working well in keeping lunches cold and tasty. Many users said even leftovers stay cold for more than 12 hours. In addition, reviews always said its thin single disc is great since it doesn’t take a lot of space.


  • Tough, slim, and compact
  • Effectively retains coldness
  • Easy to use in multiple ways


  • Some ice packs were reported to leak

Blue Ele Slim Ice Pack for Lunch Box

Freezer Packs for Insulated Lunch BoxThis is a great choice for kids and adults who enjoy ice packs in bright multi colors. Each pack of this product contains four pieces of ice packs available in assorted colors. The ice pack fits perfectly in any insulated lunch box/bags so you can be sure your food remains cold, fresh, and tasty.

To keep food, fruit, veggies, or milk fresh for a little while, this ice pack uses a long-lasting gel. Thanks to this gel, you can prepare foods that stay fresh for the whole time so that your kids can have a healthy diet. With BFA-approved material, you can be sure this ice pack is completely food safe.

Much slimmer, Blue Ele’s ice packs serve as a nice alternative than the usual bulky ice packs. Kids also love its fun colors. Users of the ice pack said stuff stays cool until the evening that they even get cold leftovers. It goes to say it is a great buy if you need the best ice pack for your kid’s lunch box.



  • Effectively makes food contents fresh
  • Food safe
  • Slim and compact


  • Others reports say it doesn’t stay cold for long

Munchkin 2 Piece Ice Pack2 Piece Ice Pack

The Munchkin Ice Pack includes two pieces of gel ice packs. It’s a small and compact ice pack known to be the perfect size for on-the-go use. BPA-free with the dimensions of 5.5” x 7.25”, these are convenient freezer ice packs you can use for lunch boxes and cooling bottles.

Its size is just perfect as it makes it easy to fit in any cooler. Furthermore, users love how it is sturdily built so that you can use it well for more than a few occasions. Munchkin is also flexible enough as you can roll it around or lay it flat in your cooler or lunch box to keep the contents cold for long.

This ice pack is great for being reusable and flexible. You can use it in various ways to cool your bottle bag, lunch box, or cooler. With it, you can have your food and drinks stay cold throughout the day. One of its biggest advantages is its material, which wraps around easily on kids’ drinks and bottles.


  • Easily fits in any cooler
  • Small and compact
  • Food safe and reusable
  • Convenient and flexible to use


  • Leak and crack complaints

These are the best ice packs of Amazon. They are perfect for use for lunch boxes, road trips, diaper bags, and more. While some users have complaints with these ice packs, they are the best products available in the market. Many users recommend them for keeping food cold and tasty on the go.

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