Go Green Lunch Box vs Yumbox – Drawing the Borderline & Parallels Between the Two Lunchboxes

gogreen lunchbox vs yumbox

If you keep your beady eyes on go green lunch box vs. yumbox, side-line similarities may blur the borderline as both take cues from each other. When you put both products under the microscope, the features and benefits sharply contrasted come up for review. While YUMBOX Panino constitutes a bento-style kit, Go Green offers a multi-compartment leak-proof lunch box, insulated carrying bag, gel freezer pack and beverage bottle. Go Green bunches up the whole shebang while YUMBOX offers the perfect bento lunch. Both ditch the demand for snack packs, baggies, multiple containers and plastic wrap. But both food trays employ Turn and Lock technology create a hermetic and leak-resistant to seal off freshness, flavor and air with silicone bands.


Things To Consider About Go Green Lunch Box vs. Yumbox – Step by Step Comparison

1. Insulated Carrying Bag

GoGreen Lunchbox

Go Green Lunch Box set offers an insulated fabric backpack to sweeten its deal and sets it apart from the bagless YUMBOX. The insulated lunch bag stores up food items and beverages at the nearest temperature you pop them at without significant fluctuations. Insulated layers maintain freshness and taste in a warm and chilly ambiance. Measuring 13” x 9” x 3”, Go Green’s zippered insulated carrying bag contains a pocket dedicated for small items such as utensils. Highly resistant and more rigid polyester fabric and the gray inner lining made from PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) provides superior durability and flexibility than plastic. You can salt away and cream off piping-hot and fresh foods to maintain constant temperature for the authentic taste, texture and shape.

2. Go Green & YUMBOX Bento Comparison

  1. The YUMBOX bento lineup has a refined streamlined design shored up by one hinge and easy-open latch.
  2. Go Green grassy lushness makes a spitting image of nature’s abundant color with exquisite luster from polypropylene (plastic grade #5).
  3. However, YUMBOX carves out four compartments-one 2-cup section, two ½ cup areas and one oz dip or treat well.
  4. Go Green offers a five-compartment food container to accommodate different ingredients to split off a broad array of lunchtime packages.
  5. Go Green’s soft silicone bands render a shiftless leak-proof closure for each compartment. On the other hand, YUMBOX uses silicone molded lid that engages with the tray to produce a tight seal for all compartments.

3. Go Green & Yumbox Lunch Box Parallelisms 

YumBox Lunchbox
  1. The four-and-five compartment lunch boxes will do the trick if you want to store, transport and preserve food for school, office, camping, travel, newborn feed bag, snacks and meals-on-the-go.
  2. No interior or exterior leaks or bleeding due to their tight and leak-proof sealing that locks away contents in all compartments.
  3. Soft silicone bands and one-lid ensure your child does not lose or misplace covers. You slash off your budget by ditching baggies, snack packs, multiple containers or plastic wrap.
  4. The lunch box kits come with BPA, Lead, and Phthalate-Free certification all food-safe materials.
  5. The set of kits provide lightweight and compact, easy-open containers and separate compartments to inhibit sliding and mixing.

4. Cleaning & Maintenance

Go Green lunch box dreads a swim in dishwashers due to heating and temperature fluctuations. Go Green’s containers possess retention clips for quick unfastening to split off the lid and box for hand-washing with warm, soapy water. For spic and span cleanliness combined with their lightweight, detach the lid’s five silicone bands and hand-wash. YUMBOX puts GO GREEN in the shade here as it’s dishwasher-safe but top-rack only. Hand-wash outer shell but first detach it immediately before the heating dry cycle. YUMBOX has aced the lab tests at 65C/149F, 110 min temperature cycle. YUMBOX comes with an ABS exterior, Titan tray, and silicone seal with rounded edges and smooth lining to make hand-washing a breeze.

Go Green

5. Size & Dimensions

YUMBOX makes easy-picking for the runt of the litter, especially preschoolers. The four-compartment food tray offers a sandwich-friendly container. Kids and adults will find it a genius compartment to organize snacks and salad style meals. It carves out one roomier sandwich section (2 cups), two smaller ½ cup spaces and 1 oz dip/treat chamber. The Yumbox Panino measures 8.5 (l) x 6.5 (w) x 1.8 (h) inches when closed while its 1 lbs 1.5 oz. won’t tilt the scales. Go Green’s outside dimensions clock in at 12” x 7 ½” x 2 ½”. The food sections include 5 ½” x2 ½”, 5 ½” x4”, 2 ½” x4”, 2 ½” x4”, 2 ½” x 6 ½” and 2 ½” x2 ½”.

6. Silicone Seal Care

Pour out contents from the YUMBOX everyday to hand wash with warm, soapy water and dry out thoroughly before storage. If you live in the humid suburbs, keep Yumbox ajar and not locked when storing. For foodies packing up greasy ingredients, a thin coat of soda paste per week prevents buildup. Go Green has its silicone bands slightly more substantial than the openings into which they pop. It allows adequate stretch in the bands such that lid and tab closure causes the downward pressure to bulge silicone bands outward to produce a hermetic seal around all compartments. To ensure the bands fit snugly, tuck back the bands after washing into the channels with razor-sharp precision.

7. Eco-Friendly Durability

Built like a brick house, both lunch boxes provide long-lasting packing, storage and transport. High-grade plastic withstands high impact or flexing. Unlike glass containers, these lunch kits will not shatter when dropped. With landfills deluged and the monstrosity bursting at the seams, you can save our fragile planet by packaging food with bento reusable containers. It’s estimated that on average, preschoolers using a disposable container churn out 67 pounds of waste annually or 18,760 pounds in elementary level. The plethora costs of plastic bags, plastic spoons, paper napkin, and other lunchtime accessories amount to hundreds of dollars per school year.

8. Fast, Easy Lunch Box Insights

  • Though microwave-safe, never preheat plastic products to avoid leaching into food harmful toxins
  • Use ice gel to arrange between the bag’s fabric and the base of the food compartment
  • Tight seal renders a leak-proof barrier to inhibit seepage of wet foods such as yoghurt, pudding and juices
  • Tighten the silicone bands or seal to place the snap latch in a closed position with the most superior seal
  • You can squeeze the lightweight and space-saving containers in a tight lunch tote together with coolers or ice packs
  • Retractile YUMBOX tray fixes snugly in the base of the exterior box
  • Whip up foods overnight and use the containers in a freezer for freshness

Final Verdict

Red in tooth and claw go green lunch box vs. yumbox rivalry will garner more momentum if the latter essential accessories hit the stores. Go Green comes with all bells and whistles incredibly low rates. Both YUMBOX and GO GREEN lunch kits provide a means for sacking up wholesome meals in the blink of an eye. BPA-and phthalates-free materials combined with sturdy plastic construction offer food-safe, eco-friendly and reusable containers. Multi-compartment design comes in handy for dietary management as you can get proportions down to a gnat’s eyebrow. Both containers integrate superior silicone snap-on seals for a leak-proof interior and exterior without a trace of a mess.