page title icon How to Keep Food Warm in a Lunch Box—Get The Magical Methods

Warm cooked food is widely believed to be safe for consumption than cool food (‘cool food’, which occur as a result of the temperature). And it becomes worst to preserve warm food for long during winter. This article is mainly to answer questions on how to keep food warm in a lunch box.

This article is not meant for those that use the regular bag, why? Because lunch boxes consist of some features that are rare to see in regular bags such as insulation, padding, stitching and so on. The lunch boxes can be heavier than regular boxes but they preserve the temperature of food for a longer period than regular.

Lunch boxes can be used for dual purposes and it can be used for a single purpose. Every lunch box is expected to keep food either cool or warm. There are some lunch bags that serve dual purposes. The lunch bags that have dual purpose must have compartments where ice pack or gel packs can be put.

And those that serve one purpose can either have a full compartment that is inbuilt of freezable gel (for cooling food). However, those lunch bags that keep bag warm are only padded with soft polyester materials. But the question is, “how can one keep food warm in the a lunchbox?”

Here are the considerable steps to put in to watch in making sure that the food is kept warm for a long period.

8 Things To Consider About How to Keep Food Warm in a Lunch Box.

1. Select Your Food Container

Cooking your food may not be enough, especially when you’re eating hours to come. The food has to be kept in a nice container, right? Though there are some lunch bags purchase that comes with containers. You can simply choose thermos, due to the fact that it has good features in preserving the heat of food for a long period.

The thermos containers rarely allow the convention of heat in them, so you can be pretty sure that your food’s aroma won’t escape. But that doesn’t mean it’s a ‘must’ that you use a thermos, as this article is not restricted to the type of container. You can use it for any food container including plastic. All you’ve to do is to get your food container.

2. Preparation

Now that you’ve got your food container, here are steps to follow.

  1. Wash the food container with soap and sponge before usage.
  2. Rinse it and wipe off the water remaining on the inside with a clean cloth
  3. Put some little amount of water in your pot and boil it.
  4. Once it boils, pour it into the container
  5. Allow it to remain inside the food container for 5 minutes
  6. Pour it away exactly after 5 minutes
  7. Make sure that your food is cooked to a degree of 275 degrees Celsius.
  8. Once that’s done, pour it into the food container

3. Seal it up

Once all that is done, you’re expected to seal it up. Here are the tips that will help you.

  1. Once the food is poured into the container, level it into moderate size.
  2. Use your spoon to help to level the food
  3. Then get a clean napkin to clean the edges and the corners of the container
  4. Make sure that you’re not spending much time on it.
  5. Seal it tightly that your child would need a second hand to open it.
  6. Wipe off the oily stain around the container.
  7. Position the food container where there’s its temperature safe.

4. Choose Your Lunch Bag

This should come simultaneously when choosing your food container. But we decide to make it easy for you to understand. When choosing a lunch bag, there are things that have to be put into consideration and they are:

Check the insulation capability. That is, the hours it can keep food hot

Check the durability of the zipper

And the nature of the zipper (2-way zipper is preferable).

Check the opening smoothness

Make sure it has more than one compartment if you need it to be keeping more than warm food.

Check the size to know if it can comfortably be used for your food container.

Check what material used in the padding construction of the bag, why? Polyester, cotton, and silk are preferable.

Check if it’s leak-proof.

5. Put the Container in the Lunch Bag

Now, since you’ve chosen the lunch bag that will serve you better. The next thing you’re to do is to put the food container inside your lunch bag. Here are helpful tips.

  1. Clean the interior of the bag and clean the exterior part of the food container.
  2. Get napkin and cloth around (thick weaved clothes).
  3. Wrap the clothes around the food container
  4. Make sure that the wrapped food can comfortably lay 180 degrees without tilting
  5. Lift it up to check if the size of the wrapped food container can enter into the lunch bag.

6. Isolate You Food

Put your food inside the bag. Make sure that the food container is not tilting less than 180 degrees. Now once it’s comfortably placed, make sure that chilled/cold food is not laid alongside with the wrapped food.

Isolate the cold food from the wrapped food container so that you will keep the temperature in check. And note that, it’s paramount that you put the wrapped food container inside the insulation compartment. As this will also help in putting the temperature into check.

Isolate the cold food from the wrapped food container so that you will keep the temperature in check. And note that, it’s paramount that you put the wrapped food container inside the insulation compartment. As this will also help in putting the temperature into check.

7. Check Your Food

After you’ve put the food in the bag, make sure you’re not checking it often. But zip it up till when you’re ready to eat the food. Though you can eat some and leave the residual inside the bag. I believe with these, you will never have your food cold. And it will be so nice that you’ll be glad you did read this article.

8. Make Your Verdict

Now, if you find your expectation shortened then you’ve to get yourself another lunchbox that is reliable. You can also evaluate the weight of the bag while the food is in it. And you can also consider the duration in which the food warmness lasts.

Final Verdict

We believe that this article has successfully answered how an individual can keep lunch food warm for a long period. The article completely explained the significance of using a lunch bag, and it showed the systematic way to keep food warm for a long period.

The article is dependable to make every lunchtime an enjoyable period. The article is well researched and we hope that this article will be helpful. As this article can be in all weather conditions. It’s just great to keep you happy.