Srise Lunch Box Insulated Lunch Bag Review

Srise Lunch Box Insulated Lunch Bag For Men & Women Review

Looking for a first class fashion lunch bag with ample spaces to keep food warm/cold flawlessly. Definitely, the Srise lunch box insulated lunch bag for men & women review is what facilitates your purchase pretty fast and reliable.

As it presents to you a world class designed lunch box with a lot of captivating features that can make anyone be in love with the users’ taste of fashion.

The Srise designed lunch box can be sought for in different kinds of colors. That’s if the user is fond of colors. With two stitched handles on the bags flanks and attachable straps, then owners can comfortably walk with ease and in styles.

Unlike other brands, using this lunch box, you don’t be a bit close to conveniences. However, you’re soaked in it, the three compartments provide users with the flexibility they desire.

Not only that, with the three compartments located in the interior, owners can maximize the use of the bag by putting food containers, salad kits and so on.

And with the pouch at the ambiance of the bag, users can put in their petite properties such as phones, napkins, and cutleries.

In fact, your leaking bottle is safe as the bag itself is waterproof. For those who prefer lunch bag to be foldable, then this is the ‘flight’ to catch. It has good thermal resistivity, in other words, your food temperature is pretty safe with this lunch bag.

The review is profound at helping readers to understand this subject better. We intend simplifying the subject with these five amazing designs.

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Srise Lunch Box Insulated Lunch Bag For Men & Women Review | 5 Major Features

1. Quality Set-up Designs

This lunchbox is made of top quality materials for the perfect use of the lunchbox. This is a box made of aluminum foil and shielded with oxford cloth. This means that your snacks, apples, tomatoes are safe. As it’s not toxic to cause damages.

Likewise is the box foldable and regains back its shape when it’s unfolded. What customers love about this bag is that it’s zero-tolerant to the leakage of drops of water.

As the interior of the bag is well covered with a liner. And the double stitching is done on the inside and the outside makes washing it awesome. In fact, the craftsmen/artesian all recommend this for long use.

2. Highly Fashionable

Imagine walking down the aisle with nice cloth on you, then holding this lunchbox in your hand. How awesome would that be? Perfect. The bag can be used by men and women.

In fact, youngsters have come to love it has it has ample spaces with thee compartments but lightweight. The bag has two handles that meet at a ‘confluence’ where owners can conveniently grip. And owners can also choose to use the strap for carrying the box on their shoulders.

In fact, there’re pockets by the sides of the bag where owners can put in utensils and tools. And cleaning the bag is very easy as wiping stain spots is good enough to make your bag regain its exquisites. The bag is just easy to use.

Srise Lunch Box Insulated Lunch Bag For Men & Women

3. Specifications

Of course, it’s a thing for a bag to be insulated and it’s another thing for the same bag to have ample space that will satisfy potential buyers. Our Srise lunch box has the main compartment and it can even be divided into three compartments.

The dimension for the whole lunchbox is 9.45Lx5.5Wx9.45H (inch). The two pockets have the same size and their dimension is 8.6Lx1.1Wx1.5H (inch). Apart from the colors that this lunchbox can be found of that makes the patronization of this product exceptional, there are three zippers.

The first is for the main compartment, the second and the third are for the two pockets found at the flank of the lunchbox.

4. Unlimited Usage

This lunchbox cannot only be used for keeping food warm/cold, but it has ample spaces to perfectly keep materials and condiments. Provided you’re a student or office worker, you can use it to carry necessary documents, as it doesn’t allow the penetration of water.

In fact, many customers that are nannies and nursing mothers use this bag to keep diapers, food, and napkins as this lunch bag doesn’t flare out gases easily.In fact, it can be used for years after years as its quality never dwindles. That means you can possibly use it for years without glitch issues.

5. Reliable

The issues most lunchbox owners face is mostly the zipper, stitches and how washable the bag can be. Definitely, with the use of this lunch bag, you can be sure of easy maintenance. The bag doesn’t absorb dirt, washing it and drying is awesome.

In fact, the handle is capable to carry a load that weighs 70lbs. And using the attachable and detachable strap with the hook at the side doesn’t cause pains to the shoulder.

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Why Should You Use Srise Lunch Box Insulated Lunch Bag For Men & Women?

1. Fashionable

This lunchbox matches any walking steps. The handles are well leveled that it does go into legs while walking. The front view, the side view and all other parts of the bag are well made that even when you’ve put large containers inside, it doesn’t show at its edges. You can walk and work with this bag as it also confines smell inside.

2. Lifetime Warranty

If in case you need lunch bags for sale. You might need a service provider that is 100% responsive to their customer. Then, check out this company for all the reliable service you may crave for. They are online 24hours every day to attend to all complaints.

3. Wide Opening

What spoils zips is the persistent press in of large containers, right? Of course, it is. This lunchbox is stitched twice and the zipper is quality. In fact, the bag can be open widely for optimum conveniences. So, if you’ve got plenty of things to carry for work along with your food, then go for this.

4. Customers’ Review

This lunchbox is widely used in the fifty states. It’s highly referred because its features are reliable. In fact on Amazon, it has over 83% five stars. Which means almost the customers that bought it never had issue(s) about the product.

5. Easy To Use

The cleaning of the bag is awesome. It doesn’t become wooly even after washing it for a long period. The handle and the strap is great while using any of them with the bag.

  • Easy to use
  • Very easy to clean
  • Reliable for all weather conditions
  • The bag has main compartment and pockets on each side
  • The main compartment can be divided into three sections
  • The zippers are reliable for long use
  • Highly fashionable
  • It can be used by men and women
  • None

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it washable?

Answer: Yes, but it’s not advisable you use a washing machine.

  1. How long does it hold cold food?

Answer: Five hours precisely.

  1. Does it come with a strap?

Answer: Yes, it comes with an attachable strap.

  1. How durable is it, like 5, 6…10 years?

Answer: It lasts, but it depends on the user. It lasts if it’s well maintained

  1. Can it be shipped to Israel?

Answer: Please, contact the manufacturer for the information.

Final Verdict

The review has ensured that buyers are left with no option but to buying the product that will rightfully serve them right. The grandeur of this lunchbox is so enormous and reliable for those that just need nothing but the best. Of course, there’re spaces for containers, salad kit, entrée kit and bottles.

The Srise lunch box insulated lunch bag for men and women review has sought through the thick and thin of all this product sphere that may probably not be great for our amiable readers but we found none. We’re highly recommending this to all potential buyers.

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