ThinkFit Insulated Lunch Box Review

ThinkFit Insulated Lunch Boxes Review

Save your money with the help of the Thinkfit insulated lunch box review that doesn’t give you what you opt for only, but more than what you expect. The review vindicates you from unnecessary spending in the quest to procure a fantastic lunchbox.

As it brings to you a lunchbox that is irreplaceable in terms of the ease it supplies potential customers by providing all they need to know in order to make lunchtime an honor.

This bento lunch box is what you need for long-term purpose. Owners gain a lot of confidence while using this bag as its lid is easy to open, the six plastic containers are microwave friendly, and the storage containers can be clipped together.

In fact, there are seven compartments in this lunchbox and the bag is well designed with double insulation designs, for preserving the temperature of your food for a long period. The fascinating fact about this bag is that it’s multipurpose. The positioning of metals, shoes, and equipment inside the bag doesn’t affect the durable feature of the bag.

I guess you wouldn’t want to miss out on the ‘RUSH’ purchase of this bag. Because, apart from the fact that the bag helps you to achieve your prep time goal, it also put smiles on the faces of others.

As it’s not cost as one would think. I know you’ve started considering how easy one would carry it. Yes! It has an attachable shoulder strap and a handle. It’s the answer to a reliable purchase.

The review keens to help readers grab all the details and to get that, here are the five amazing features that will help you.

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ThinkFit Insulated Lunch Box Review | 5 Major Features

1. Packages

This lunchbox comes in full. It rightly answers all your needs when it comes to its purchase policy. The box comes with six plastic containers for food. The containers are microwavable and they are dishwashers. Inside it, you will also find a serving cup with one reusable ice pack.

The containers are laid in the sequence of their sizes. As the larger ones are 3-4 inches wide and they’re 5-6 inches long, while the smaller ones are 5-6 inches long and 2-3 inches. The containers can be used for refrigerators. Now you can vividly see what you can enjoy with the purchase of this lunchbox.

ThinkFit Insulated Lunch Boxes

2. Security With Easy Remove

Couple with the fact that the bento lunch bag comes with nice packages that are needed for the optimum use of the bag. Potential users will also cherish the snap lid design. The snap lid is found on the four sides of the bag. This helps in keeping the bag safe.

The buckles used in this lunch bag are nice, they get unlocked with one snap. And to crown it all, the bag also uses standard zippers that’s well stitched. As this helps in preserving the temperature of the food that’s stacked in it. The zipper is durable and makes the bag safer and reliable for long-term usage.

In fact, the double stitches and the design make the buckles and the zippers superb as they look awesome in their colors.

3. Double Insulation

You are one who likes eating food at a particular temperature degree, right? This is what you asked for, then come and get it. The bag perfectly preserves the temperature of food, drinks, and cake. This bag is water-proof and it does well in keeping food cold/hot for about 6-7 hours, especially cold materials.

The bag is sewn in a way that water has to be wiped from it before it can be ebbed. As its double stitches help in the sturdy aligning of the bag’s polyester designs.

And come to think of it, the bag is spacious enough to allow all the containers stacked in it with bottles and mini attached containers with a serving cup, isn’t that good as multiple wants are packed to one bag?

Yea, it’s nice. But what about those that don’t intend to stack in many properties, who great or awful would it become?

4. All-Use Design

The bag will also be immensely great for use. As it has seven compartments that are nice for the fixing of salad kits, entrée container or the Thinkfit lunchbox packaged containers. The bag has a constructed handle that is firmly stitched to the bag.

And guess what? No scratches on your palm and filling up the bag won’t cause squishing. The bag is in a square shape and it can be measured 3 by 6 and the interior measurement is 7.5 X 10 X 6.5 inches. The bag also has an adjustable strap that its length is adjustable by 48 inches.

Not only that, the strap is thick and large that its surface that it can be used even when the bag is weighty.

5. Specification

This lunchbox can be found in either blue color or red color. The box has a specific size and its features are the same. The dimension of the lunch bag is 16.5 x 7.5 x 8 inches and it has ergonomic features also. The packages are awesome and the strap that comes with it also is great. The bag is washable by any means owners may prefer.

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Why Should You Use ThinkFit Insulated Lunch Box?

1. Dependable

The bag is nice for those that need more than a regular bag. But a bag that can serve them in several ways. The design is fashionable and the bag is just awesome to carry from one place to another.

2. Quality Packages

You get this bag, you get all things needed inclusive. The containers are microwavable and they are dishwasher except for the reusable ice pack. The containers are of different sizes and they’re awesome.

3. Nice Customers’ Review

Over 1,300 customers gave this product thumb-up with five stars. The product now has over 88% five stars positive review on Amazon. That signifies that you can just rely on it for long.

4. Washable

This lunchbox is washable. Owners can scrub it with soap and sponge. The bag doesn’t retain stain as it’s clean in every one wash. Soaking it in detergent water alone cleans it 56%. It’s just nice to use.

5. Versatile

The bag can be used for several purposes as it has mesh pocket and a pouch at the side of the bag. The bag can withstand filling it with large loads, and the straps that come with it makes carrying it easy.

  • The bag comes with packages
  • The packages are microwavable plastic containers and serving cups
  • The bag has seven compartments
  • There are a mesh pocket and pouch at the side
  • The lunch bag uses a nice standard zipper
  • The buckle is easy to remove
  • The bag comes with a strap which is 48 inches long from clip to clip
  • The bag preserves food temperature for long
  • The stitches on the handle are not that fine

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is this bag made?

Answer: It’s made in China

  1. Can one buy the packages separately?

Answer: I guess you contact the manufacturer for more information on this.

  1. How durable are the plastic containers?

Answer: If they are well maintained, then they last longer.

  1. Are there straps within?

Answer: No, there are no straps.

Final Verdict

The bottom line is that the ThinkFit insulated lunchbox is not for all, but for those who need to get all in one purchase. And not the fakes, but the right and reliable products. The review has successfully shown that this bag has all customer needs in on one purchase. The box comes with microwavable plastic containers and serving cups.

The review also described the shape of the bag, and now we believe our audience is satisfied. And we believe our customer can now see if this product is best for them, and trust me, it’s highly recommendable.

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